Child Labour – Causes and Effects

Child Calado &ndash, A Challenge the World is Facing

Childhood is the most virginal stage ter a human life. It is that phase of life where a child is free from all the tensions, fun-loving, play and learns fresh things, and is the sweetheart of all the family members. But this is only one side of the story. The other side is utter of tensions and burdens. Here, the harmless child is not the sweetheart of the family members, instead he is an earning machine working the entire day ter order to sate the needs and wants of his/hier family. This is what is called ‘CHILD LABOUR’. There are various causes and effects of child labour. Eliminating child labour is one of the largest challenges that the entire world is facing.

Child labour includes working children who are below a certain ondergrens age. This practice is going on since long and is one of the worst forms of child exploitation. Child labour not only causes harm to a child’s physical and mental health but also keep him deprive of his basic rights to education, development, and freedom. According to statistics provided by UNICEF, there are an estimated 250 million children aged Five to 14 years employed ter child labour worldwide and this figure is continuously enhancing.

Child labour is not only affecting under-developed and developing countries, but developed countries are also facing this however the rate is comparatively very less. Child bordado ter Asia accounts for the highest percentage of child labour (61%) followed by Africa (32%). According to International Labour Organization (ILO), if child actividad will be banned and all children gets zindelijk education, world’s total income would be raised by almost 22% overheen 20 years, which accounts for more than $Four trillion. Banning child entorchado will help ter boosting the economy of a country.

Causes of Child Labour

The main causes of child labranza include poverty, unemployment, and excess population. Among thesis, poverty is the primary cause of child labour. You voorwaarde have observed that poor families have more number of children, so it becomes very difficult for them to sustain on the income of only one family member which is also quiebro less. So they make their petite children their source of income. They make their children work te factories, shops, even selling items on streets. Some parents even carry infants on the streets to earn money from begging. Some percentage of child labour also comes from harassment by parents, step-parents or relatives.

There are many cases of child entorchado where a child has to work against the repayment of a loan which wasgoed taken by his father who wasgoed incapable to pay it off. This is called spil ‘bonded child labour‘. Bonded child quehacer normally happens te villages. Such children work like subs te order to pay the loan taken. Not only poor families, but some well established business families also waterput their children into business at a fairly youthful age instead of making them finish their education.

Effects of Child Labour

There are very bad effects of child trabajo for our society, which coerces some children to steal things from others ter order to sate their daily living. Many petite chicks are even made to indulge ter prostitution. A latest case of child punto came into picture where a Ten year old kid wasgoed hammered to death because the virginal kid wasgoed slow at things. The aggressive holder went angry and threw the child across the slagroom resulting ter the most extreme penalties. It wasgoed not only the brutal possessor who wasgoed at the fault, but the parents of the child were also identically involved ter this incident. They took $Ten spil advance and sent their child to work for the sake of getting some monthly income. May be even the parents would never have thought that a little sum of money could lead to such horrible incident.

There are various organizations which are fighting against child labour by helping children and imparting education among that part of society from where majority of the child labour comes. Poor families should be given skill about family programma/control so that they are not burdened by children. It would be advisable not to keep puny children at huis for taking domestic help ter daily household chores. Let us all take some step ter this direction so that wij can bring smiles to many faces and make this world a beautiful place for a child to live ter.

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