What is the different inbetween gf – s love and parent – s love?

I think parent love us without any request and gf has requests

Parents will be worried if your pocket is light. bt a gf will be worried about how to lighten your pocket.

There are certain things that you can do with your gf that you couldn’t do with your mother. I’ll leave it at that.

Love has no difference to talk about weather it is with a dame or with parents, love is deep feeling of oneness, where wij are loyal only to serve.if a chick is clever and wants only to be served then parents are better, but if so the case with parents, who pressurizes children to serve them.

Parents love is wellust free. For girl-friends’s love wellust is vereiste.

Te some mountainous regions of the deep South. nothing

parents love is eternal, where spil love differs ter case of others.

parents love is zuivere love but girlfriends love is improvised love

Parents love is unconditional.

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